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Idaho Falls, ID — Sato’s Sushi

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Published on: September 15, 2005
Sato’s Sushi
688 N Holmes Ave
Idaho Falls, ID

Here is something you can try the next time you are at a party playing word association games. If the person before you says "Idaho" you say "Sushi" (or "Blonde" and you say "Brain Surgeon"). Your friends will never look at you the same again.

SushiPilgrim is from Iowa so the idea of sushi in Idaho (that’s Idaho not Ohio and not Iowa) does not seem too absurd for me. I spent a week working in Idaho Falls, a small town in the high dessert of eastern Idaho. When I told my colleagues that I was the SushPilgrim, they all said that I must try Sushi Sato’s. Except for the few who said I should try the local bait shop, Sushi Sato’s was everyone’s reccomendation.

Since Sushi Sato’s is closed on Monday’s I went there with a colleague for lunch on Tuesday. Frankly I was not expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. When we walked in we passed through the restaurant’s large Tatami dining room and snaked our way around the back to the sushi bar.

One of the first things I noticed was the I was the only Asian in the place. I ordered a tuna and avocado roll and some assorted nigiri from the menu. Service was on the slow side but the fish was all fresh and firm. My roll came nicely prepared with very simple presentation. On the down side, there were no exotic items at all and the selection was limited. I had hoped to find mirugai or uni but they had none. There were no daily specials and I suspect that the young American sushi chef was working at the limit of his skills.

But if you find yourself in Idaho Falls looking for sushi, this is the place. If I ever go back I will enjoy dining at Sushi Sato’s.

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