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Detroit, MI — Sora

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Published on: June 8, 2006
Gate A-35, Detroit Airport, DTW
Detroit, MI

As a business traveler, I spend way too much time in airports. I have had airport sushi but it has always been pre-packaged, edible but nothing special. I had seen Sora before while passing through DTW but never had time to stop.

This time, while passing through on my way to Paris with my wife, she suggested we eat at Sora. This was especially surprising since she doesn’t usually like sushi.

Sora is a Japanese restaurant with both a sushi bar and table dining. My wife ordered Gyoza Ramen the noodles were great and my wife loved the Gyoza. I ordered a sashimi combo. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was very good.

Sora does a good job doing what airport restaurants must do. When you sit down, the service is good and you are made to feel relaxed, while at the same time everyone knows that there are flights to catch and everyone is in a hurry to some degree. As we sat, ,my soda got refilled but the check came and my credit card was processed quickly.

Sora is in the A concourse near the middle. In the past I have eaten at McDonalds, from now on, when I have a layover in Detroit, you can find me at Sora.

Sora: 3 rice bowls * * * - -

Detroit, MI — Musahi

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Published on: September 28, 2004
2000 Town Center, Suite 98
Southfield, Michigan
(248) 358-1911

How do I admit that one of my favorite sushi restaurants is located in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan? I do not even really like Detroit. Musashi is located in an office complex with a hotel. I was visiting a client in one of the office towers and someone mentioned a sushi bar. Since we were in Detroit, I was not expecting much.

When I visited Musashi, I was pleasantly surprised. Over the past few years I have been to Musashi at least five times. Musashi always has fresh fish and their selection is excellent. Musashi is a complete Japanese restaurant and there is always a large Japanese crowd.

I have always been pleased at Musashi. In the winter it is a special treat to have a steaming bowl of Musahi’s excellent Nabeyaki Udon and a sushi roll. Detroit is not my favorite destination for a business trip — but Musashi always makes it more enjoyable.

Musashi:5 rice bowls * * * * *
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