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Published on: April 4, 2007
Aoi Japanese Cuisine
1 Levee Way (Newport on the Levee)
Newport, KY

This week finds me working in Cincinnati, Ohio. Actually, I am staying in the Marriott River Center across the Ohio River from the the Queen City. I had already sampled three classic Cincinnati institutions; Skyline Chili, La Rosa’s Pizza and the Montgomery Inn (ribs). All three were excellent so tonight, was my night for sushi. Some of my colleagues suggested Aoi.

Aoi is located in Kentucky’s trendy Newport on the River. Newport on the River is a collection of upscale shops, theaters and  restaurants. Aoi is a modern restaurant with decor that would look equally at home in a Martini Bar or European Restaurant. They have an extensive Japanese menu as well as sushi. When I was seated, I was given three menus and a sushi order form. A drink menu, a food menu and a specials menu that included appetizers, hot item and sushi specials.

Aoi’s menu included few exotic items except Uni (Sea Urchin).Tonight I felt like sashimi so I ordered the Aoi Sashimi Plate. The selection was nice with salmon, yellowtail, tuna, white tuna, octopus and scallops. The presentation was above average with several varieties of seaweed replacing the ubiquitous shredded Japanese radish.

The service at Aoi was attentive and my glass never got below a quarter full. Having my favorite mango sorbet in the menu was a bonus. The real start at Aoi was the fish. Every item was perfect. Portions were generous but not so big as to be difficult to eat. Each item was flavorful and distinctive.

When unwrapped the Salmon rose decorating the center of the plate I could see that the fish was nicely marbled. I don’t often see this in Salmon. This was probably the tastiest salmon I have ever had.

I hate to admit that I almost didn’t go to Aoi. I read a review of a different Aoi, a sushi buffet in Philadelphia. I decided to go anyway because my colleagues spoke so highly of the place.

Aoi was a pleasant surptise, with a Barnes and Noble next door, this will be a regular stop.

Aoi: 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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