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Portland, OR — Yuki Japanese Restaurant

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Published on: December 9, 2008
Yuki Japanese Restaurant
1337 NE Broadway
Portland, OR

Portland. The town has a reputation for coffee shops, indie culture and seafood. It seemed to me like a good place for sushi.

I found Yuki Sushi when my GPS failed to find another sushi restaurant. I was in a neighborhood with several restaurants, so it was not long before I found Yuki on a busy corner. I had to circle the block a few times but I eventually found a place to park.

The service at Yuki was a bit slow but I ordered a couple of sushi rolls. I misplaced my notes so I do not remember exactly which rolls I ordered. I do remember that they were both innovative and tasty. The fish was fresh and the rolls were nicely made.

Yuki is the kind of restaurant I visit on a regular basis.

Yuki Japanese Restaurant 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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