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Connie Neal

The Gospel According to Harry Potter: The Spritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker: The Spiritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker

Title: The Gospel According to Harry Potter: The Spritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker: The Spiritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker

Author: Connie Neal

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 328

Publisher: , 0

ISBN: 0664231233

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 9.4 MB

Download: allowed


Now Exploring Books 1 - 7! Is Harry Potter a Christ figure? Was book 7 a metaphor for the resurrection? Just how much did religion help shape J. K Rowling and the moral worldview of the most pop

Insightful reviews

Joan Araujo Arenas: No se necesita ser religioso para querer leer esta obra, más bien podría decirse que debería uno no serlo —para poder acercársele sin tantos prejuicios—. Como un ensayo sobre la intolerancia con la que ha sido recibida la saga del pequeño mago, así como una obra de referencia —los datos estadísticos que aporta—, sirve muy bien.

Hay, sin embargo, la aspiración de la autora —que es religiosa— de identificar algunos personajes de la saga con personalidades bíblicas. Este es quizá el lado menos interesante del libro, y lo que podría provocar que muchos no puedan terminarlo. Sin embargo, si se tiene un poco de paciencia, hay más planteamientos razonables que aquellos sin sentido alguno.

Megan: This book was amazing! It took things from the Harry Potter series (books 1-4) and made parallels to the Bible. It was a mind blow and a joy to read. Her connections were perfect. I couldn't put the book down! It even helped me with some questions about the gospel and since I've read all the Harry Potter books and absolutely love them and am very familiar with them, it was easy for me to also make the connections and better understand both the Bible and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jill Williamson: I recently finished the devotional book I was doing with my son in the mornings before he left for school. So I went to my husband’s office and snooped around for a book that might work. (He is a pastor.) And I found this book on his shelf. Since my son loves the Harry Potter stories, I thought this would be a neat book to read with him each day. I was not disappointed. I found this book interesting and insightful. It enabled my son and I to talk about a lot of the different aspects in the Harry Potter stories and compare and contract them with what the Bible says. I enjoyed the discussions that arose with my son from reading each chapter. I highly recommend this book to parents looking to connect with their children in a similar way.

Mary: This was once a pleasant solution to examine the Harry Potter books as a parallel to the Gospel. an important factor to take from the ebook was once so you might discover a message in any book.

Jeshu: So...It used to be interesting, yes. However, I obtained fast uninterested in interpreting an identical after web page 50. as a result i did not relatively finished. There are a few essays on the finish that i did not learn which regard the ultimate occasions of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. i don't believe i would learn whatever new, and the imaginative and prescient of the writer is greater than transparent with what I read.Despite the truth that it truly is repetitive, I appreaciate Christian writer comes to a decision to work out the nice that's found in Harry Potter books. the most demanding issues during this international -for me- are Christians claiming that it is a paintings from the devil. Ignorant fools, in my opinion. just a wicked, twisted mind, is ready to see evil in a piece jam-packed with values and morals as Harry Potter is.

Kristen: i assumed it used to be interesting.

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