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Published on: August 29, 2013
Kaki Sushi
3120 Santa Rita Rd
Pleasanton, CA

I spent a week at a client in Pleasanton, California in the East Bay. On Thursday night I decided I needed to find a sushi restaurant.I quick online search took me to Kaki Sushi. The first thing that I noticed about Kaki Sushi was the kitschy decor.Japanese trinkets everywhere — I felt like I had stepped into an anime convention.

I decided to order the sashimi combination. I was pleasantly surprised when my waitress took my order and brought out a complimentary dish of edamame.

Generous portions reasonable price. White tuna awesome. Huge order of gyoza, came with soup salad. Edamame. Every guest got a piece of fried fish (halibut?) over-decorated brought everything all at once.

Kaki Sushi was very good. I ordered gyoza as an appetizer and was surprised to see six pieces in the order. The combo came with miso soup and a lettuce salad with ginger dressing. Something special must have been going on because each table also received a complimentary order of fried fish (halibut I think). I estimate that the fish was 6-7 ounces, a meal in itself.

My sashimi combo was good but ordinary. The white tuna however, was exceptional. The only thing that kept Kaki Sushi from getting a better rating was the service. The service was attentive and friendly but they had no sense of timing. Everything seemed to come out of the kitchen at once. I got my sashimi combo before my appetizer.

Other than the quirky service Kaki Sushi was very very good.

Kaki Sushi 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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