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Published on: August 1, 2013
8391 South 700 East
Sandi, UT

Spending the week in Utah and tonight I went out for sushi with a client. He suggested a restaurant near the office and we went right after work. Mizumi is a good sized standalone restaurant in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy, Utah.It is pretty modern on the inside thought the music was rather loud. I spent part of the time trying unsuccessfully to catch the words to a French hip-hop song. On the other hand I don’t have much success understanding English hip-hop lyrics.

We decided to try some rolls. We decided on four rolls, the Jungle Roll, Salmon Soltsice Roll, Kenai Roll and Baja Roll. The rolls were large and cut into eight pieces. I especially liked the Salmon Soltstice Roll. All of the fish was fresh and tasty and the rolls were pretty unique.

One of the strange things about Mizumi is that the menu was missing a number of standard sushi items. There were no clams of any kind and no white tuna among others. There were no exotic items like uni or mirugai. On the other hand everything we had was good.

Mizumi was worth the visit and I would eat here again.

Mizumi 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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