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Published on: April 18, 2013
Hana Japanese Bistro
1148 W Dillon Rd
Louisville, CO

April in Colorado. I was done with winter but apparently winter was not done with me. In the three day I’d been there the area had received almost two feet of snow. I got off work a little early and decided to go out for sushi before going to church with a friend in Boulder. One of my colleagues suggested Hana Japanese Bistro and I decided to go.

Since I had just gotten off work, I went to the restaurant early and the place was empty. Not a good sign, but to be fair there was a snowstorm and the forecast was for ice. When I sat down, the waitress brought me some Miso soup and a hot towel.

Hana has a very extensive menu and not just sushi. I decided to order the deluxe sashimi and giant clam sashimi on the side. Giant clam is one of my favorite. Shortly after I ordered, the sushi chef came over and told me he couldn’t serve the giant clam sashimi, he did however suggest trying it in a spicy sauce. Because of his heavy Japanese accent I am not sure I understood why he couldn’t do the sashimi and I know I did not hear him say ‘spicy’. I typically do not like spicy sushi.

The meal came with a salad and I was pleasantly surprised to be served a cucumber sunomono. A good way to start. I cannot say enough about the sashimi. It is all about the fish and the fish was first quality. I especially liked the yellow tail. a couple of pieces were exceptionally firm and served with the skin on. The combo also had red snapper, tuna, octopus and tuna. While the tuna was good, it was not up to the quality of the rest of the fish.

When my giant clam arrived, I realized it was in a spicy sauce. The clam was perfect if a little spicy. It was very tasty and not too gummy. I found the sauce to be very flavorful even if it was spicy.

As I was enjoying my meal, something totally unexpected happened. The sushi chef came over and mentioned that they had fresh uni (sea urchin) and aji (horse mackerel). I enjoy both, but I can never pass up mackerel.Great, I had already ordered a whole meal but i decided to order it anyway.

Mackerel spoils so most of the time it is served pickled, but when a sushi chef talks about fresh mackerel – he means live mackerel. The llive mackerel is served as aji-no-tataki. The fresh fish is filleted and served decorated with the carcass and bones. When you are done the bones including the head, the tail, and some meat is taken back to the kitchen and deep friend. Once it comes back to the table, you can pick the meet out of the head, and eat most of the bones and the tail. The aji was perfect.

Hana is exactly the kind of sushi restaurant I enjoy.

Hana Japanese Bistro 5 rice bowls * * * * *
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