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Published on: November 16, 2012
Sushi Garden
3408 E Broadway
Tucson, AZ

This week in Tuscon, my colleagues recommended several restaurants. Yesterday, I took their recommendation and visited Guero Canelo and had an awesome Sonoran Hot Dog. During the week they suggested several sushi restaurants. Not knowing which one to choose I looked at some online reviews and saw that Sushi Garden was chosen best sushi byTucson Weekly. I had also been hearing radio ads for Sushi Garden all week.

So, when I went to Sushi Garden, my expectations were high. Sushi Garden is a large restaurant and on the radio they advertise their sushi buffet. Sushi Garden’s buffet is not a full Japanese buffet like Ichi Umi in New Jersey. It looked like Sushi Garden’s buffet is relatively small with only sushi items. I wouldn’t know because when I arrived, the first thing the hostess did, was rather rudely inform me that the buffet was closed.

Sushi garden has a large and innovative menu with a few non-sushi items. The menu has several images and it took me quite a while to decide. I finally decided to order some crab puffs (crab rangoons). The crab puffs were pretty good.

I decided to try some rolls. I ordered a Philadelphia Roll, a Scallop Roll and a Temptation Roll. The Temptation Roll was cooked lobster in a in a cucumber wrap. It tasted good but it was nearly impossible to eat. Even when I picked up the pieces by hand it fell apart. Each piece was too large to eat in one bite but no matter how you ate it — it fell apart. Nice idea but it didn’t quite cut it.

In the Philadelphia Roll the fish was warm and frankly, a bit slimy. Disappointing to say the least. The Scallop Roll was raw scallops with some kind of sauce wrapped in rice. I love scallops and the Scallop Roll was the high point of the meal.

In the end, Sushi Garden failed to live up to the hype.

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