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Cedar Rapids, IA — Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

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Published on: February 26, 2005
Osaka Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
5001 1st Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, IA
(319) 377-2237

While I have been on the road, yet another sushi restaurant has opened up in Cedar Rapids. Osaka is a Japanese Steakhouse (Teppanyaki) with a sushi bar. I stopped in at the end of the lunch hour. Sushipilgrim was once a restaurant manage and I know that the worst time to eat in any restaurant is when they are not busy. I should learn to follow my own rules.

I think I was the only person in this rather large restaurant. As I sat alone at the sushi bar, I was dismayed to find that the staff was busy cleaning up all around me. There are few thing that make a guest fell less welcome than cleaning all around them

Osaka has a decent sushi menu but like many Japanese steak/sushi places, it does not have a very broad menu. Osaka would not be a good bet if you want to gently introduce someone to sushi. As for the sushi, the choices at Osaka were decent if uninspired. The quality was good and the fish was fresh. I ordered a sashimi combo with that came with a tuna and avocado roll. I also ordered a Philadephia roll. The presentation was good and I enjoyed the meal. The only real negative was the Miso soup. The tofu was very grainy

I am pleased to see more sushi choices appear in my hometown. I will make Osaka a regular lunch stop when I am in the neighborhood.

Osaka: 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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