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Published on: March 21, 2005
Sagami Japanese Restaurant
37 Crescent Blvd.
Collingswood, NJ
(856) 854-9773
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  1. Nate Alize says:

    If one has spent time in Japan, the authenticity of Sagami’s food, decor, and service shall be appreciated.

  2. sushipilgrim says:

    Point taken. I have not spent time in Japan so these reviews represent my opinions, tastes and preferences. I do not claim to speak to the authenticity of the restaurants that I review.

  3. Jeff H says:

    I have been eating at Sagami’s for decades and I live 45 minutes from the restaurant in Pennsylvania. The fish is always, always fresh. The owners never serve any fish that is less than in pritine condition. There uni and mirugai are always sweet and delightfully flavorful. These two items are hit or miss at many sushi outlets and are not good if not very fresh. Ask for their Higiki appetizer warm- it will melt in your mouth. They deserve all the kudos. Yes, there are not specials- just consistently terrific sushi.

  4. Eric Harz says:

    Over the pas 24 years we added many of Sagami’s offering to our favoites list. My wife and kids initally thought my taste for sushi was just wierd. They have all since come to love it, more from Sagami’s than anywhere else. My kids now take their dates to Sagami, and for birthdays or special occasions they still ask to go to Sagami’s.

  5. Ryan says:

    Sagami is the oldest sushi restaurant in NJ. They were established before sushi became such a trendy food. They serve authentic Japanese style sushi so you won’t find American style maki there. Please consider this in your review.

  6. sushipilgrim says:

    I am not usually a fan of American style maki. It was the limited traditional choices and lack of ‘fresh specials’ that I missed.

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