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Published on: September 21, 2005
217 Iowa Ave
Iowa City, IA

In Iowa, sushi restaurants are few and far between. Since I live only an hour from Iowa City, I had been hearing about Takanami. This week I was working in town and I thought I would give it a try. For lunch today I called my friend, Joe and we went to give it a try.

Takanami is in the downtown section of Iowa City near the heart of the University of Iowa campus. Because of the university, parking can be difficult but there is a new ramp about a block east of the restaurant.

Takanami is a relatively new restaurant their cuisine is a cross between traditional sushi and Asian fusion. The restaurant has about a dozen tables set up outside like a sidewalk cafe. Inside the restaurnt is clean and modern with a large aquariaum behind the sushi bar full of trigger fish. Takanami is huge, when I walked in it was deceptive, as I walked behind the sushi bar I realized that there were as many tables behind as in front.

Joe ordered a tuna bento with seared tuna. It sure looked good. Like most inland sushi bars, Takanami lacked a selection of exotic items or daily sushi specials. I ordered a sashimi appetizer and a Philadelphia roll. The sashimi was 3 pieces each of tuna, white tuna and salmon served on a bed of Japanese radish. The roll was served on a rectangular glass plate that added a classy touch to the otherwise simple item. The fish was very fresh and tasted great. The roll was nicely made and had consistent sizing throughout.

I enjoyed Takanami and had no complaints. I hope someday to order some of their intruiging non-sushi items but I should be realistic — it’s unlikely since their sushi is so good.

Takanami: 3  rice bowls * * * - -
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