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Ottawa, ON — Wasabi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

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Published on: October 19, 2005
Wasabi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
41 Clarence St
Ottawa, Ontario

Fall is a good season for Ottawa. The colors are brilliant and the air has a refreshing crispness to it. In this kind of weather I like nothing better than sitting down to a small portion of sushi or sashimi and a steaming bowl of Udon.

Last night I went to visit the Chapters book store in the Rideau Center and afterwards I stopped at Wasabi near the Byword Market. Byward Market has a variety of restaurants and shops making it a great place for a day or night stroll. Wasabi is a medium size Japanese restaurant with a full menu.

Coming fresh from the bookstore I was disappointed to find that the restaurant interior was very dark. I had to use the candle on the table to help me read the menu and there was no way to read my book.

After struggling in the dark with the extensive menu, I decided on an order of gyoza, a sashimi appetizer and a bowl of seafood Udon.Strangely my gyoza arrived first followed by the Udon. When I was nearly done with the Udon, the waitress brought me the sashimi. The gyoza was perfect just a little bit of crispness from the frying and a nice mix of pork and vegetables. The Udon was a disappointment. It was hot and the noodles were good but the soup base was not very flavorful. I had to add much more pepper than usual to really enjoy the soup.

When the sashimi arrived it was carefully arranged and the selection was very good. For an appetizer the portion was very generous. The quality did not match the presentation. The fish had a mild smell to it and while the salmon and octopus were good, the tuna was not very firm and had a distinct smell.

Given that Wasabi had a great selection including things like hotategai, mirugai and uni, I would be willing to give them another try.

Wasabi: 3  rice bowls * * * - -
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  1. WiMax says:

    Try my favourite Japanese restaurant in Ottawa. It is called Genji Japanese restaurant (at Lisgar & Elgin). You will see the differenece.

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