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Vienna, VA — Narita Japanese Restaurant

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Published on: February 15, 2006
Narita Japanese Restaurant
8417 Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, VA

A colleague recommended Narita. The restaurant is located in the busy Mclean, Tysons, Vienna corridor. Narita is located in a strip mall next to a Subway, Thai restaurant and Korean Barbecue. I got to Narita at about 9:15 one evening and I was prepared to be disappointed. The restaurant was empty and dining in an empty restaurant near closing is a sure way to get bad service. (See The Best Time to go to a Restaurant)

I was pleasantly surprised. While I was in the restaurant, they took several takeout orders and a handful of customers came in to pick up their sushi. The service was quick and professional. The restaurant had more of a Mediterranean than Japanese feel but it was clean and bright enough to read in. There was also a 40 or so inch plasma TV and I watched the Olympic women’s downhill ski race during dinner.

I ordered a sashimi special. It came with Miso soup and a salad with ginger dressing. At first I thought that the lettuce might be spoiled but I was wrong — the dressing was brownish in color and it made the lettuce look spoiled. When I took a tentative bite, I was surprised, the salad was very good. The lettuce was crisp and the dressing was excellent. It was probably as good a salad as I have had in a Japanese restaurant.

The Miso was good but nothing special. When the sashimi arrived it looked good. The presentation was rather ordinary, pine butcher block with piles of shredded radish topped with fish. The combo included Salmon, Tuna, White Tuna, Red Snapper and Yellow Tail. All fish I especially enjoy. The pieces we a little bit thinner than I like making it harder to hold them with the chopsticks. The quality was excellent. The fish was firm and tasty. The White Tuna and Yellow Tail deserve special mention as they were perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed Narita and will make it a regular stop on my frequent business trips to this area.

Narita: 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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