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Published on: March 20, 2006
Sushi Popo
725 Mormon Trek Blvd
Iowa City, IA

A reader suggested that I try Sushi Popo. I already had reviews of nearby Takanami and Three Samurai. and I received an email from a reader saying that the best Iowa City sushi restaurant was Sushi Popo. I am spending the week in Iowa City on business so I decided to try it.

Sushi Popo is a large restaurant with two dining rooms and a small sushi bar in a mini mall on Iowa City’s west side. Sushi Popo serves both Chinese and Japanese food. I decided to meet an old friend there for lunch. Since I arrived first I order Edamame and Gyoza for us. My friend arrived with the appetizers. The Edamame was a generous portion and the Gyoza were excellent — a good start.

My friend ordered Chinese and I ordered a Deluxe Sashimi Combination. When the sashimi arrived I was pleased to see that it was arranged very nicely on beds of Japanese radish. The combo included octopus, salmon, mackerel, yellowtail, red snapper and white tuna. I think the selection was excellent. The fish was all very good but the yellow tail and mackerel were absolutely perfect.

Mackerel spoils quickly so it is almost always served marinaded in vinegar. This mackerel was lightly marinated and tasted great. On of my favorite sushi items is fresh unmarinated mackerel but it is relatively rare.

I liked everything about Sushi Popo. The only disappointment was that there were no special or exotic items. (Uni, Miragai, etc.) My friend enjoyed his Chinese food as well. All in all Sushi Popo was a gem. I will definitely be back.

Sushi Popo 4 rice bowls * * * - -
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