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Published on: January 25, 2007
Kona Grill
5061 Westheimer Rd. (In the Galleria)
Houston, TX

I was in Houston on business this week and I stayed in a hotel across the street from the Houston Galleria

. The Galleria is the fourth largest mall in America. Since my client was in an office building attached to the Galleria, I did not bother to rent a car. One evening I decided to go out for sushi, I had been watching Law & Order and I did not realize that it was already 9pm. Too late to take a cab to one of the sushi bars my colleagues recommended but I remembered that in the mall, Kona Grill was open late. I called and they were open until midnight.

Kona Grill is a kind of restaurant that I normally don’t like. It is an Asian fusion place with a very busy, very trendy bar. When I walked in, I was seated in the dining room on the mall side of the restaurant.. While the bar was dark, the dining room was well lit and I was able to read my book.

I ordered a seaweed salad and the sashimi combo. The salad looked like it had been formed in a mold and was served with a lemon on top. The seaweed was perfect, crisp cool and tasty and the bit of lemon was the perfect addition.

The sashimi was a large portion, 18 large pieces. Three each of tuna, salmon, octopus, mackerel, yellowtail and red snapper. The fish portions were perhaps a bit over-sized but the fish was perfect. I often rate a place based on the quality of the mackerel. Kona’s mackerel was excellent, not overly marinated with great texture and skin.

For dessert, I had the passion fruit crème brulée it was garnished with fresh raspberries. After the disappointing crème brulée I had next door at the Oceanaire earlier in the week — Kona’s seemed especially good.

Only a lack of chef’s specials and average presentation, kept Kona from getting five rice bowls.

Kona Grill: 4 rice bowls * * * * -


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