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Louisville, CO — Tao Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar

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Published on: March 18, 2007
Tao Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar
594 S. McCaslin Blvd.
Louisville, CO

Louisville, Colorado is located in the tech belt between Boulder and Denver, Colorado. This area has many upscale malls and restaurants. I was looking for sushi and I had driven by Tao earlier in the morning. With great expectation, I stopped by Tao for lunch.

Tao is a new restaurant and has trendy, modern decor. There is a large sushi bar and seating both in the dark dining room and in a bright sunlit area by the windows. Since I had a book with me, I sat by the windows. The menu at Tao included a variety of Asian specialties, the curry dishes looked good but I was looking for sushi.

I ordered a Philly roll and a Maryland roll. The Maryland roll was tuna, cream cheese and a third ingredient that I cannot remember. I also ordered yellow tail and mackerel nigiri. As an appetizer, I ordered Crab Rangoon. When it arrived, the Crab Rangoon was perfect. Golden brown with crispy edges the flavor and texture were excellent.

When my sushi arrived, I was disappointed. The presentation was ordinary and uninspired. The two rolls were cut into unevenly sized pieces and the Philly roll had huge chunks of cream cheese in it. I like cream cheese, but I like balance as well. The cream cheese to salmon ratio was so high, I knew right away that the cheese would overpower the subtle taste of the fish.

The nigiri looked like it would fall right off the rice. When I tried to eat it — it did fall off the rice. My mistake was recovering the fish and actually eating it. The yellow tail was warm and felt as if it had sat under a heat lamp. The mackerel was almost mealy in texture.

Sevral nearby tables ordered Thai or Chinese dishes that looked very good. The Crab Rangoon was so good, that I may go back and try Tao again wen I am in the neighborhood — but I guarantee that I will not be ordering sushi.

If it weren’t for the Crab Rangoon Tao would have gotten only one rice bowl.

Tao: 2 rice bowls * * - - -
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  1. Craig says:

    I agree with your assessment of Tao. Next time your in Superior Check out Sushi Yoshi on the other side of the highway, leaps and bounds better. Superiorsushi.com

  2. Mike says:

    Also try Kyashi Sushi down the street from Tao. It’s across McCaslin in a shopping center. I’ve always gotten good sushi there.

  3. Pegi Edwards says:

    I need a copy of your menu to send to my Son and Daughter in Law.

  4. Jenna says:

    I don’t appriciate that. I have worked there for a long time, and the food is amazing. Plus there is a great atmosphere. The people i work with are very nice and try to make a connection with everyone they serve. Everyone else who comes through says that they love the sushi and will be back. Might i also add that they used to work in one of the most upscale and liked restaurants in New York City.

  5. Larry L. says:

    I am a business person, like to take my clients to upscale restaurants, and thought Tao might be the place. I’ve been there 3 times. As for the sushi, sometimes its great, sometimes not. I too had rolls that fell apart and had the rice fall into the soy sauce or into my lap when I tried to eat it. Not so good when in front of a client.
    I like upscale restaurants, they tend to be are quieter, nicer, and are good for taking my clients. When I first went in July, it had a nice upscale crowd and feeling. At my most recent visit, there are more noisy kids, and the upscale feeling is gone. Overall, it is noisier.
    The service has always been excellent. My favorite was one named Elizabeth, but I think she is gone now. To top it off, there is this one lady who works the front counter who talks in this very high, annoying voice.
    She asks if everything was ok, but doesnt seem to care about the answer. Here is the kicker…I gave Elizabeth a 50% tip, and next time I came, I learned she didnt work there anymore, and the lady with the high pitched voice recognized me (and the generous tip I gave) and said I shouldnt tip that much much. I, my customer, and the server all felt embarrassed.
    I tried one last time and it seemed there were new servers who were good, but something gave me the feeling the restaurant is in trouble. SOmething just wasnt right. Again, the clientele has changed, it is noisier, and not the place I want to go again.
    That last time, the sushi didnt fall apart, but I wonder if the fish was too old, it didnt seem right, and my stomach was not so good afterward. There is something going on there, the management seems poor, and the food is not consistent.

  6. Alex says:

    I disagree with you. Although the presentation of their sushi, as you write, is far from the best, the quality of the fish each of the two times I have been there was superlative. It was fresh and flavorful. There is more to sushi than if the fish falls off the rice or there is no fancy seaweed wrapper to hold it together. But, maybe you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

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