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Cincinnati, OH — Mt. Adams Fish House

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Published on: July 11, 2007
Mt. Adams Fish House
940 Pavilion St.
Cincinnati, OH

No suspense, I will start this review by saying that the Mt. Adams Fish House earns my highest rating, five rice bowls. This is the first restaurant that I have given a five to that is not a dedicated sushi or at least Japanese restaurant. Not a single Teppanaki restaurnat makes my five rice bowl list.

The Mt. Adams Fish House is unique because it is an upscale American fish restaurant with a sushi bar. The restaurant is located in Cincinnati’s historic Mt. Adams district. The district is full of restaurants and bars in renovated buildings on narrow streets. Homes in the area have a view of downtown and the nearby Ohio river.

The restaurant itself is located in a beautiful brick building with dark wainscoting and nautical paintings on the wall. The Fish House caters to an afluent crowd and the formalness of the service reflects this fact. When I sat down, I had trouble deciding what to order. The cooked seafood and steak items and the variety of interesting soups, salads and appetizers almost tempted me away from sushi.

I almost ordered the sushi & sashimi appetizer with a Filet Mognon entree. In the end I chose edamame, seaweed salad and the chef’s choice sushi & sashimi combo. I asked that my combo be made without roe and the chef took care of it for me.

The edamame arrived hot and salty and was the perfect start to my meal. The seaweed salad was also good. My sushi and sashimi was served in a wooden sushi boat. This is the first time I have ever had this particular presentation when dining alone.

All of the fish in my combo was perfect. The unagi, was the best I’ve ever had. The eel was tender and the barbecue sauce was tasty and not as heavy as most other places. The salmon was especially tasty. The wasabi was pressed into a leaf mold — a nice touch.

The only negative was that the sushi selection was quite small and there were no specials from the sushi bar. Even so, the impeccable service, the wide American menu and top quality fish earn the Mount Adams Fish House five rice bowls.

The Mount Adams Fish House: 5 rice bowls * * * * *
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