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Published on: August 30, 2007
1136 Pearl St
Boulder, CO

I was going out with some colleagues for Sushi. We were on Pearl Street when one of the guys asked a very attractive young lady if there was a sushi bar nearby. She said there were several and he asked which was he favorite. She said Japango on the Pearl St mall.

The Pearl Street mall is a pedestrian mall in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. On nice nights the mall is full of locals and students. The mall is lined with restaurants and shops and makes a great post-sushi stroll.

Japango is a pretty trendy sushi bar. They had a nice selection of specials. My colleagues and I started with an order of gyoza and I ordered the Sashimi Ultimate (chef’s choice). The gyoza was good. The menu offered gyoza steamed or fried, I forgot to specify and my waitress forgot to ask. I prefer it steamed but fried was nbot bad.

My meal came with miso and a salad. The miso was average, nothing special. The salad was unusual, it was probably the largest salad I have ever had in a sushi place. Unfortunately the salad quality did not match its quantity. The dressing was thin and almost tasteless and there was barely enough flavor the lettuce.

My sashimi was very good. All of the fish was fresh. I especially liked the white tuna and yellow tail. The tamago (egg) was a nice touch and added some sweetness to the fish tastes. The plate was nicely garnished and had a leaf made from cucumber skin on the side.

The most notable thing about the meal was something the waitress called Suki Maki. I asked her what it was. It looked like a sushi roll but it was not wrapped in rice. It was a sushi roll wrapped in a continuous piece of shaved cucumber. It was a nice touch, very tasty.

Japango is a very good sushi bar in a cool location for now my favorite in Boulder.

Jaopango: 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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