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Published on: October 9, 2007
Tokyo Sushi
8111 Vineland Ave
Orlando, FL

This week, I have been working in Orlando, Florida in the area around Disney World. Today at lunch I felt like sushi, so I used the GPS in the car and looked for the nearest Japanese restaurant. The nearest restaurant was Tokyo Sushi. Tokyo Sushi is a small sushi bar located in the corner of an outdoor mall. The GPS took me to the mall but I did not initially see the restaurant. I drove around the back and was getting ready to look for another place to eat when I saw Tokyo Sushi.

Tokyo Sushi is a small sushi restaurant and several tables. There is a tiny sushi bar with with about 4 spots. The restaurant is nicely decorated in light wood. Right away I noticed that there were small whiteboards with a variety of specials — nice touch.

I ordered a sashimi combo and a Philadelphia roll. With the combo I could have Miso soup or salad and I chose the salad. The salad was very small and served in a steep-sided bowl. The salad came with a sweet ginger dressing. Normally, I do not like much dressing on my salad but in this case the lettuce was crisp and fresh and I really enjoyed it.

One strange thing was that rather than serve ginger and wasabi on the plate, they were on the table in small condiment containers. My sashimi combo consisted of eight pieces of fish. Two salmon, two tuna, two red snapper and two white tuna. Unusually, the fish was served in rather thick chunks but it was incredibly fresh. The pieces were firm and tasty. I haven’t had sushi or sashimi in a couple of weeks and I had forgotten just how much I missed it. My Philadelphia roll was also very good. It had salmon, scallions cream cheese and my favorite — avocado. The roll was well proportioned and tasted great. Strangely, the presentation at Tokyo was rather unremarkable.

The service was good. There was one funny incident. I had to get back to work so I asked my Asian waitress for the check. Apparently she did not understand me because she looked puzzled. A few moments later, she came back with a dish of ketchup. I signaled with my credit card and the waitress brought back the check and we both had a good laugh.

Excellent quality and selection, so-so presentation, I will be back..

Tokyo Sushi 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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  1. ann says:

    there’s nothing special here except the overpricing and the whole ordeal of the waitress misunderstanding you, (to the point where she thinks she knows what you want and is upset that she thinks you changed your mind). well, the miso soup is good. it tastes like japanese cuisine. the sushi is good, with a hint of chinese flavorings if a roll has any special sauces of theirs, but they don’t have authentic japanese food. not even close. their oyaku don is chicken with broccoli, carrots, green bell peppers, and no egg. wtf? just stick to their rolls or better yet just go to publix.

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