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Published on: December 27, 2007
1982 Washington Valley Rd.
Martinsville, NJ

The Martinsville, New Jersey area is full of interesting back roads and huge homes. In the fall the trees are ablaze with color. There are several little shops and restaurants hidden in the hollows. Aoyama is tucked away into a little strip mall in a busy corner in the woods. I found Aoyama by chance while I was driving to a nearby White Castle. The next day I stopped in at lunch to give it a try.

Aoyama is a very clean modern looking Japanese restaurant in a corner storefront in a strip mall. I ordered a sashimi lunch combo with Miso soup and a salad. All of the fish was decent quality but nothing was outstanding. Since Aoyama is close to my company’s New Jersey office, I will make it a regular stop.

Aoyama 3 rice bowls * * * * *
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