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Park Ridge, IL — Maki Sushi & Noodle Shop

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Published on: May 15, 2008
Maki Sushi & Noodle Shop
12 S. Northwest Highway
Park Ridge, Il

This week, I was working at an office near O’Hare airport. I used my GPS to locate the nearest Japanese Restaurant and it found Maki. Maki is located in Park Ridge, an upscale Chicago suburb. It is a large restaurant in a neighborhood with several trendy shops and restaurants.

When I entered, I was seated near the windows at a nicely lit table. My opinion of the place began to rise as I started looking at the menu. Maki has a very colorful menu with a wide range of Japanese items. There were also some Chinese and Thai entrees that looked good. But it was the sushi menu that caught my interest. I ordered some sort of sashimi combo and the Mango Madness Roll.

I am not usually a big roll fan but I had to try this one. The Mango Madness roll is described as:

Yellowtail, shitake mushroom, avocado topped with fresh mango and spicy mayo.

Every item in the list is a favorite of mine. I ordered a Mango Madness roll with high expectations. When it arrived the roll was absolutely beautiful, pieces of mango on each slice topped with a small dollop of spice mayonnaise. Not only was it beautiful — it tasted even better than it looked. I am writing this review a few weeks after the fact. I don’t remember much else about Maki but I would go back just for the Mango Madness Roll!

Maki surprised me, everything was good but the roll was exceptional.

Maki Sushi 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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