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Reston, VA — Ariake Japanese Restaurant

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Published on: August 14, 2008
Ariake Japanese Restaurant
12184 Glade Drive
Reston, VA

I often find myself working in the technology corridor around Dulles Airport outside Washington, D.C. This week I was in Reston, Virginia and in between watching the Olympics, I snuck out to enjoy some sushi.

I looked at some online reviews and Ariake seemed to be consistently good. I punched the address into the GPS and drove to the restaurant. Ariake doesn’t look like a sushi restaurant at all. It is located at the end of a mall in a stand alone building.

The restaurant has huge windows on three sides, it looks like the walls themselves are glass. Buit the most uniqe feature of Ariake is an outdoor stone patio. The patio is set apart from the parkling lot and has seating for about twenty people. I think there was some water, maybe a small fountain at one end.

The interior was a bit unusual for a sushi restaurant. There was none of the common blond wood and Japanese inspired accents. Instead there are beautifully polished deep brown wood floors and tables and chairs to match.

The menus were nicely presented and there was a good variety of items. I decided to order the deluxe sashimi combo. The salad was unremarkable but the miso was good. When my sashimi arrived I knew it would be good.

The sashimi was nicely arranged on a bed of Japanese radish and wafer thin cucumber slices. My combo included tuna, white tuna, salmon, yellowtail, red snapper and surf clam. There was a white fish in the middle served with tobiko and tiny slivers of scallions. I coul dnot identify the type bit it was good.

I like a good presentation but in the end you have to eat it. I was not dissapointed. I love white tuna, I started there and it was perfect, it sort of melts in your mouth. The tuna was very good and the salmon had just enough taste without being overpowering. All of the fish was good.

I could not find anything wrong with Ariake, I really enjoyed it.

Ariake 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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