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Published on: September 15, 2008
Obi Sushi
1771 Library Street (Reston Town Center)
Reston, VA

Reston Town Center is an upscale shopping center located amidst several office buildings. There are several restaurants in the complex and they do a brisk lunch business. I was working nearby and I found Obi Sushi on the Internet.

I drove over to Reston Town Center and parked in one of the free parking ramps. Obi Sushi is across the street so I walked on over. Obi is a modern looking restaurant with a buffet at lunch time. The buffet includes sushi and a variety of Japanese items.

I decided to try the buffet. I normally don’t like Tempura but I gave it a try along with a noodle dish and some gyoza. All of them were good but since this is a sushi site, I should probably comment on the sushi.

The buffet contained the normal assortment of maki. California rolls, spicy tuna rolls and some nigiri. The sushi was good but not outstanding. Overall I was pleased.

This is one of only a few sushi buffets that I can honestly recommend.

Obi Sushi 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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