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Published on: December 9, 2008
2230 Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, NJ

When I asked my colleagues in New Jersey, where to go sushi, they all said Philadelphia. After pressing them for local recommendations, someone suggested Mikado. I did a web search and found that Mikado is a small chain of sushi/hibachi restaurants. I looked for the one closest to the office and found the Cherry Hill location.As a bonus, the Cherry Hill restaurant did not have a hibachi section so the focus was certain to be on the sushi.

Mikado is a large restaurant, nicely decorated inside. I decided to sit at a table so I would have room to spread out and read my book. I asked for hot tea and sat down with the extensive menu. In addition to the regular menu there were specials and two pages printed front and back of special rolls!

When my tea arrived, the waitress brought me a dish with some pickled daikon (I think). It took me a while to decide. Unfortunately, all of the special rolls that looked interesting to me had spicy tuna on them. After much debate, I settled on a deluxe sashimi combo and a Philadelphia roll. The combo came with a choice of Miso soup or salad and I chose the salad.

The Philadelphia roll was quite good, Mikado is in the Philly suburbs after all! ALl of the sashimi was fresh and tasty.

Everything at Mikado was good — I'll be back.

Mikado 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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  1. steve pinchuk says:

    I wish this were me!! What a great concept. Anyway, watch those Mercury levels.

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