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Irving, TX — The Blue Fish

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Published on: July 15, 2009
The Blue Fish Japanese Restaurant
925 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX

Texas in August is hot. The temperature today was over 100 degrees so when it cooled off tonight around 9:00pm, I decided to go for sushi. I had read some reviews of The Blue Fish and it looked like it would be a good choice.

The Blue Fish is a large sushi restaurant with a huge bar. The atmosphere is more like a club than a typical sushi restaurant. The tables are dark and the music is pounding and loud. Not the kind of place I normally enjoy. Since I was dining alone with a book, the only place that looked like it might have enough light to read was the sushi bar.

As I sat at the sushi bar I was pleasantly surprised by the menu. There were not a lot of exotic sushi items or specials. On the other hand the menu had several interesting items including a unique collection of sushi rolls. I decided to take advantage of the menu and order a non-traditional meal.

I started with Miso soup and chose a house specialty, the Ahi Tower to go with it. The Ahi Tower is raw tuna over a crab and avocado salad on top of sushi rice with sesame oil and creamy wasabi sauce. When it was served, my waitress asked to mix it all together. I was a bit skeptical but the Ahi Tower was excellent. It was just a little bit spicy but when mixed together, I found myself savoring every bite. It was so good, I found myself eating slowly so as to enjoy it even more.

The next unique item I ordered was the Peking Duck Cigars. They are a sort of egg roll wrapped around peking Duck served with a dipping sauce. I love duck of all kinds, especially Peking Duck. This presentation however ground or shredded the duck. It tasted as much like ground beef as duck. It was really the low pooint of the meal.

From the sushi roll menu, I ordered the Hawaiian roll. The Hawaiian roll is salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, pineapple topedd with salmon and shredded coconut. I was skeptical but the roll was absolutely awesome. The tastes went together suprisingly well and the juciness of the pinapple set off the taste and texture of the cream cheese. I was not sure about the coconut flakes but they were a nice complement to everything else.

The Blue Fish came very close to getting 5 rice bowls. Better lighting, more specials or better execution of the Peking Duck Cigars — any one of these would have rated 5 rice bowls.

I definitely enjoyed The Blue Fish — not perfect but very good.

The Blue Fish 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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