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Napierville, IL — Kiku Japanese Steakhouse

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Published on: April 2, 2010
Kiku Japanese Steakhouse
2764 Aurora Avenue
Napierville, IL

My wife and I were in the Chicago area around our anniversary and her brother treated us to dinner. Since neither of them are sushi lovers (they both eat some sushi), we decided to go to a Japanese steakhouse that also served sushi. My brother-in-law had been to Kiku before so we were decided.

Kiku is a very modern looking restaurant in a strip mall. We sat down at the grill and ordered cooked entrees and some sushi rolls as appetizers. Of course in places like this, the show is the main draw. Our chef performed the requisite tricks with the grill and the steak I had was quite good.

We ordered a few rolls before dinner. I especially liked the Hawaiian Roll. It includes mango, pineapple and asparagus, along with a ton of other ingredients. All of the rolls were fresh and tasty.

For a Japanese steakhouse, Kiku has good sushi.

Kiku 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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