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Calgary, AB — Blowfish Sushi Lounge

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Published on: November 3, 2012
Blowfish Sushi Lounge
625 11th Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Someone at my company must have a sense of humor. It’s the first week in November and I get sent to Calgary. I’m sure that I’ll be spending January in Edmonton :(

Actually, I’ve had a great week. I’ve gotten to know my way around the +15 (The elevated skywalk system, so named because it is 15 feet above street level.) I have enjoyed lunches at a little Asian noodle place next to my company’s Calgary office. Last night I had an amazing roasted duck breast at a little brasserie in the trendy Kennsington District north of downtown.

Tonight, I decided to talk a nice walk and visit Blowfish Sushi Lounge. According to online review, Blowfish is one of the top sushi restaurants in Calgary. Having chosen Blowfish from several possible choices, my expectations were very high. When I got to the restaurant, I was disappointed, Blowfish looked more like a bar/club than a sushi restaurant.

Blowfish looked like the kind of place I typically don’t like. Loud music, trendy modern decor and waitresses dressed in provocative black outfits. There wasn’t even a sushi bar. I decided to order the chef’s sashimi combo. It seemed to take an inordinate amount of time for my meal to arrive. I sat there at my table, reading my on my Nexus 7 and thinking of how bad a review I was going to write.

In the end, Blowfish surprised me, when my sashimi arrived it looked really good. A nice selection and very artfully arranged. At the end of the day, regardless of the ambience, it’s the fish that counts — and in the case of Blowfish the fish was very very good. My sashimi was tasty and firm. The mackerel, one of my favorites, was especially good. I don’t remember all of the kinds of fish, I just remember that they were all good.

There were two unusual things on the plate. After poking it with my fork in the dark, I realized that one was a rock for decoration. The other looked like a shot glass it was full of some kind of cold salad. When I tasted it I realized that it was octopus. When I asked the waitress, she said that it was octopus and fresh wasabi. Wow, this is one of the very best items I have ever had in a sushi restaurant. It was mostly octopus suction cups and the fresh wasabi added a great taste.

At the end of the meal one of the waitresses and I started talking about my tablet and books that we were both reading. We actually had a really nice conversation about the American presidential elections as well. It was a great end to an evening that started out looking rather questionable.

In the end, Blowfish redeemed itself, next time I’m in Calgary, I’ll be back.

Blowfish Sushi Lounge 4 rice bowls * * * * -

Edmonton, AB — Kyoto

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Published on: July 28, 2005
10128-109 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 420-1750
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