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Bethlehem, PA — Dancing Fish

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Published on: December 8, 2006
Dancing Fish
24 E 3rd St
Bethlehem, PA

Knowing that I would be in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, I searched for sushi restaurants on the web. I was encouraged since Dancing Fish got almost universally good reviews. I programmed Dancing Fish into the rental car GPS system and set out. I had some trouble finding the restaurant, in fact when I called to ask for directions I was parked only about 30 feet away. The restaurant name is written in frosted glass but the retail style window display consisted of a life size angel mannequin in a scene that looked like a snow globe.

Dancing Fish is a rather dark narrow restaurant with a sushi bar in the back corner. Since I often read in restaurants, I was pleased to be able to sit directly under a light. I ordered a sashimi combo and a Philly Roll.

The waiter brought my Miso soup out first and it was a disappointment. Visually, it was almost brown in color. I tried it but it tasted like someone had emptied half a bottle of soy sauce in it. It was so salty, that I could only eat a few spoonfuls. I hoped that the salad might be an improvement. When it arrived, the lettuce was very crisp and fresh bit it was simply drenched in ginger dressing. The dressing was very good but there was way too much and it simply overpowered the lettuce.

I was hungry so I finished the salad and waited for my sashimi. It seemed to take a long time and I heard another waitress tell her customers that the chef was working alone and couldn’t keep up. The restaurant did not seem very busy to me and I have certainly seen other sushi chefs maintain this volume. It took quite a while to receive my order.

By this time, my expectations were pretty low. When my order arrived, Dancing Fish managed to surprise me. The Philly roll was especially good and the sashimi was nicely arranged on the plate. All of the fish was fresh and firm. The mackerel was exceptional. I am not a big fan of Unagi, I think the strong barbecue sauce detracts from the rest of the sashimi. I believe that this is the first time I have had eel on a sashimi dinner.

A little more attention to detail and Dancing Fish might even get four rice bowls.

Dancing Fish: 3 rice bowls * * * - -

Wayne, PA — Hana Restaurant

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Published on: August 2, 2006
Hana Restaurant
387 W. Lancaster Ave
Wayne, PA

I was in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania looking for a place to have lunch. I used the GPS in the car and found Hana. The selected route took me through a series of back roads and on and off the freeway Hana is in a small strip mall next to an indoor farmer’s market.

Hana is a small restaurant with about 15 tables and a modes sushi bar. I wasn’t expecting much. When the menu arrived I ordered the Hana Sashimi lunch. I wasn’t sure what I was getting but it turned out to be a bento preceded by salad and Miso soup.

The bento included tuna, salmon, red snapper and yellowtail. There was also a small seaweed salad, some tempura and a couple of pieces of tamago. The presentation was rather ordinary.

When I took a first bite I was hooked. I started with the tempura. Normally I don’t like tempura, I never order it. I was pleasantly surprised, the tempura was excellent. Light crisp breading, not very greasy. The vegetables and shrimp inside were still crisp and tasty. I ate every bite, absolutely wonderful.

The sashimi was excellent as well. Every piece was good. I enjoyed every part of this meal. I’ll probably stop in for supper tomorrow night as well. I will definitely be back.

Hana 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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