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Ardmore, OK — Edamame an American Sushi Bar

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Published on: July 12, 2012
Edamame an American Sushi Bar
200 W Main St
Ardmore, OK

Next time you are playing word association games, try these, when you friend says, "Oklahoma", you say "SUSHI!" The two just don't go together. But, in my quest to review a sushi restaurant in all fifty states, I had to make a pilgrimage to Oklahoma for sushi. I was in the Dallas area on business and I decided to find the closest sushi restaurant in Oklahoma. A google search led me to Edamame in Ardmore.

Edamame, is located on Ardmore's old Main Street in a corner storefront. It is a small restaurant with a sushi bar and a few sturdy looking tables. While one of the waitresses was Asian, the sushi chef was definitely not. As I sat down, my waitress brought a small plate of edamame (cooked soybeans in the pod), the restaurant's namesake. I was a little bit surprised beacuse nearly every other time that I have had edamame, it was served hot.

The menu at Edamame was interesting, there was a modest selection of nigiri and sashimi. No real standouts, but there was a whole page of sushi rolls on the back. The rolls were definitely not authentic but some of them looked interesting. Unfortunately, I do not like spicy sushi and most of the roll selections were spicy. I also noticed several rolls had fried wonton in them for texture.

I decided to try their panko crusted calamari as an appetizer and a seaweed salad. The calamari was made up of large strips, perhaps 4" long, presented with two sauces. The panko breading along with the sauces and the calamari was absolutely perfect! I was tempted to have a couple more orders and call it a meal, it was that good. The seaweed salad was also quite good and the sauce/dressing was different than what I usually see on seaweed. With the salad and appetizer, Edamame was off to a good start.

For a main course, I ordered a sashimi sampler and a Philadelphia roll. The sashimi sampler was only about $10 so I was not surprised that it was a small portion, it consisted of salmon and tuna, rolled into roses and some yellowtail. The yellow tail was very food as was th salmon, the tuna was good, but not as tasty as I had hoped. My Philadelphia roll had a surprise, it was made with asperagus! I liked the crunchy texture. I ended by ordering a tuna roll with cucumber and avocado.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Edamame. Everything was good and the calamari was outstanding. I felt that the selection of fish was limited, and there were no specials posted, otherwise Edamame would have been a contender for a five ricebowl rating. (On a side note, I was just looking at Edamame's web site and I saw a picture of a pretty good looking dessert. I wish my waitress had offered me a dessert menu, I would have tried one.)

Edamame was surprisingly good.

Edamama 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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