Portland, ME — Sapporo Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

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Published on: May 29, 2007
Sapporo Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar
230 Commercial Street
Union Wharf
Portland, ME

I was working in Massachusetts and I decided to drive up the coast to take some pictures of the Portland Head Light, a lighthouse just outside Portland, Maine (pictures here and here).

Maine of course is known for its seafood, so I thought I would try some downeast sushi.

Sapporo is a medium size sushi restaurant located in Portland’s Union Wharf district. It is in an area with several shops and restaurants and backs up right on to the wharf. Sapporo has a sushi bar and then tables set up in the dining room next door. I liked the salt water aquarium set up near the sushi bar.

Unfortunately, everything at Sapporo was average. There was really nothing to get excited about. Whether, selection, quality or service — I had no complaints but nothing really stood out in a positive way either.

In the end I left thinking I would have enjoyed chowder, lobster and steamers more.

Sapporo : 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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