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Published on: July 18, 2007
Origami Restaurant
12305 Wayzata Blvd
Minnetonka, MN

This week in Minneapolis, a couple of my colleagues recommended sushi restaurants. But after work, there was a thunderstorm and traffic was horrible. Rather than taking their suggestions, I decided to try a place I had seen on the Internet.

Origami had received very good reviews from both national and local reviewers and it was only a short drive from my hotel. I decided to wait for a break in the weather and go after the traffic died down.Origami is a two restaurant chain with one restaurant in downtown Minneapolis and another in Minnetonka’s Ridgedale Shopping Center. The restaurant is in the mall itself located at the northeast entrance.

The restaurant itself is modern in decor and has a very nice looking bar and sushi bar. The restaurant was smaller than I expected after seeing the pictures on the website. The tables were well lit and I was seated near a small dividing wall.

I went to Origami at 8:30, about half an hour before closing. The service seemed to be really slow. It took a while for my waiter to acknowledge me. I ordered a soda and perused the menu. Origami had a drink menu, a dinner menu and a separate specials menu. My waiter did not bother to point any of this out, I had to explore the menus on my own.

When he arrived the waiter offered me a hot towel — a nice touch.I started with a hot appetizer — Origami Wontons. The wontons contained cream cheese and shrimp with a slightly spicy sauce. When they arrived, each was garnished with tobiko (flying fish roe). Perhaps it is because I do not particularly like tobiko,but I don’t think it added anything to the dish. In a Choinese restaurant, when you order Crab Rangoon, the crab is a small ball folded into the wonton wrapper. Usually the filling is limited to the middle of the wrapper so the edges are left unfilled and turn crispy as they are fried. At Origami, the wonton wrappers looked as if they had been trimmed so there was no crispiness to offset the creamy filling.

For my entree, I ordered sushi a la carte. I decided to try the Rainbow Roll and a Philly Roll along with some mackerel. The mackerel was pretty good, not overly marinated. My Philly Roll was also pretty good, but not outstanding and the same goes for the Rainbow Roll.

In the end I have no real complaints about Origami but I fail to see what all the buzz is about.

Origami: 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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