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Leawood, KS — Sushi House

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Published on: August 14, 2007
Sushi House
5041 West 117th St
Leawood, KS

Sushi House is a modern looking sushi bar located in Overland Park’s upscale Towne Center Shopping Mall. I was in the area on business and a couple of my colleagues recommended Sushi House. Sushi House is a medium sized Japanese restaurant that is apparently part of a small regional chain. They have a variety of Japanse items besides sushi.

When my wife and I came in we were seated at a small table in the blond wood dining room. Behind a screen and next to the paper screened front window there was a large Tatami table that looked quite inviting. On the wall they had a large plasma or LCD TV displaying a virtual aquarium.

I do not recall there being any specials on the menu. We started with an order of Gyoza. My wife had grilled salmon and I ordered that sashimi combo. Overall I have no complaints about Sushi House. The sashimi was pretty good except for the mackerel which I felt was too strongly marinated.

In conclusion, nothing stood out except for the all white sushi chefs. This is the kind of sushi place I will go back and visit if I am in the neighborhood, but I will not drive across town to eat here.

Sushi House: 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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