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Toronto, ON — Bikkuri

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Published on: October 16, 2007
36 King Street East
Toronto, ON

I have had excellent sushi in Toronto. One of my all time favorite sushi bars is Nami in downtown Toronto. So I came up here this week anticipating enjoying some first-class sushi. Some of my colleagues suggested Bikkuri, since the restaurant is only a block from the office, I decided to give it a try.

Bikkuri is a medium sized Japanese restaurant. The decor is dark and very modern. I had a seat at the sushi bar and began to look over the menu. The menu had a pretty wide variety including Bentos and Udon as well as sushi and sashimi. There were also several specials on a white board above the sushi bar.

I ordered the lunch sushi special. The special included four pieces of nigiri; tuna, salmon, shrimp and whitefish. An interesting feature was that the special came with to six piece rolls. Actually it was a choice of tuna or salmon maki and a cucumber maki. I chose the tuna.

When my sushi arrived it was very good. The salmon was especially tasty and the twelve pieces of Maki were a nice touch. I am a sucker for cucumber and the cucumber maki was a nice touch. All of the fish was really good. The combo also came with miso soup and a salad. When my check was delivered it came with a thin slice of honey dew melon.

I have no complaints about Bikkuri, I’ll be back.

Bikkuri 4 rice bowls * * * * -

Scarborough, ON — Super Sushi House

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Published on: May 18, 2006
Super Sushi House
1891 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough, ON

I have learned that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Toronto is a great sushi town. I am staying this week in the Delta Hotel Toronto East, On Monday night I ate at the Hotel Sushi place Sagano. Sagano is a decent sushi bar but one can do better.

I had driven by Super Sushi House several times during the week and it did not look promising. The restaurant is next to Mr. Sub and the Wild Moose. The first time I drove by I did a double-take. The blue sign advertising sushi is located on top of the Wild Moose sign. I know I am in Canada but moose sushi is to much even for me.

Tonight after swimming laps I decided to go out for sushi but it was already 9:15pm. I was concerned that I might not find a sushi place open late. I decided to drive by and the sign at Super Sushi House said they were open to 11:00pm.

Super Sushi House looks like a fast for restaurant with Japanese decorations scattered about. When I walked in I was the only customer. Over time others filtered in and all seemed to be regulars.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Super Sushi House is the prices! A 15 piece sashimi combo was only $10 Canadian. Many nigiri were only 99 cents and they had an all day $13.95 special. With prices this low, I prepared myself to be disappointed. I could not have been more wrong.

I started with an avocado salad with crab meat, cabbage and mayonnaise. The salad usually comes with tobiko (flying fish roe) but I ordered mine without. The salad was awesome, I am a sucker for avocado and this was perfect.

I ordered the $10 sashimi combo and waited anxiously to see what they could possibly put together at that price. Needless to say, I was surprised. For $10 I got tuna, red snapper, white tuna, octopus, surf clam and salmon. The pieces were large and fresh. The white tuna was especially good. The presentation was not spectacular but I really could find no fault with my meal.

A little nicer decor and perhaps some daily specials and Super Sushi House could get have earned 5 rice bowls!

Super Sushi House: 4 rice bowls * * * - -

Toronto, ON — Sagano

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Published on: November 17, 2005
Sagano — Delta Hotel Toronto East
2035 Kennedy Rd
Toronto, Ontario

I do not normally stay in Delta hotels and this week in Toronto I was in a Marriott. Unfortunately with the traffic it took me too long to get to my client’s site so I switched to the Delta. Sagano is a large Japanese restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel.

When I went to Sagano, it was full of Japanese people — always a good sign. Sagano has a complete menu and full bar. I sat at a table by the windows with a view towards downtown. The menu had some good looking appetizers. I ordered breaded Shittake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp. Breaded, these looked like gyoza and were served with a soy/ginger mix. I also ordered a tomato, cucumber and avocado salad. Both were very good.

The sashimi I had was excellent. It consisted of squid, tuna, white tuna, salmon, crab, octopus and surf clam. The fish was all good quality except for the salmon which was not quite up to par with the rest. The octopus was perfect not too gummy and quite tasty. I also thought the surf clam was especially good, not to gummy an excellent taste.

The presentation was what you would expect form an expensive restaurant but not exceptional. Like any other hotel restaurant, Sagano was pricey. I did miss the intimacy of smaller sushi places. And the menu did not have any exotic items or daily specials.

I enjoyed Sagano and if I stay in the Delta again I’ll be sure to eat here.

Sagano: 3 rice bowls * * * - -

Ottawa, ON — Wasabi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar

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Published on: October 19, 2005
Wasabi Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar
41 Clarence St
Ottawa, Ontario

Fall is a good season for Ottawa. The colors are brilliant and the air has a refreshing crispness to it. In this kind of weather I like nothing better than sitting down to a small portion of sushi or sashimi and a steaming bowl of Udon.

Last night I went to visit the Chapters book store in the Rideau Center and afterwards I stopped at Wasabi near the Byword Market. Byward Market has a variety of restaurants and shops making it a great place for a day or night stroll. Wasabi is a medium size Japanese restaurant with a full menu.

Coming fresh from the bookstore I was disappointed to find that the restaurant interior was very dark. I had to use the candle on the table to help me read the menu and there was no way to read my book.

After struggling in the dark with the extensive menu, I decided on an order of gyoza, a sashimi appetizer and a bowl of seafood Udon.Strangely my gyoza arrived first followed by the Udon. When I was nearly done with the Udon, the waitress brought me the sashimi. The gyoza was perfect just a little bit of crispness from the frying and a nice mix of pork and vegetables. The Udon was a disappointment. It was hot and the noodles were good but the soup base was not very flavorful. I had to add much more pepper than usual to really enjoy the soup.

When the sashimi arrived it was carefully arranged and the selection was very good. For an appetizer the portion was very generous. The quality did not match the presentation. The fish had a mild smell to it and while the salmon and octopus were good, the tuna was not very firm and had a distinct smell.

Given that Wasabi had a great selection including things like hotategai, mirugai and uni, I would be willing to give them another try.

Wasabi: 3  rice bowls * * * - -

Mississagua, ON — Masamune

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Published on: September 30, 2005
Masamune Japanese Restaurant
5200 Dixie Road
Mississauga, ON

After enjoying Jimbay’s so much, I thought I had found the best sushi in the Toronto airport/ Mississauga area — I was wrong. Only a block away from Jimbay’s I found a place that did it one better — Masamune. Masamune is a deceptively large Japanese restaurant in a strip mall that fronts onto Dixie Road. Parking at lunch is hard to come by but be patient, it is worth the wait.

There were a variety of specials on the menu as well as items like uni and mirugai. I felt like something hot so I the Nabe Udon and the sashimi appetizer. The menu did not specify how much sashimi was in the appetizer so when it arrived I was surprised to find that it consisted of a combination of ten varied pieces of sashimi. The sashimi was arranged nicely and served with both pickled ginger and wasabi.

I can hardly say enough about Masamune, they had it all. The service
was attentive and quick. The selection was good. The fish was
unbelievably fresh. It was an excellent value and the Nabe Udon was the
perfect compliment to my sashimi.

Masamune: 5  rice bowls * * * * *

Mississagua, ON — Jimbay’s

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Published on: September 30, 2005
5130 Dixie Road
Mississauga, ON

Mississauga, Ontario is a Toronto suburb located near Toronto’s busy Pearson International Airport. When my boss told me that I would be working there for the week I was disappointed. Now, I enjoy Canada and know my way around Toronto pretty well. It is just that I usually spend all my time downtown.

Toronto is a great sushi town but I was afraid that I wouldn’t find much out in the suburbs. The first day I used the Hertz GPS to find a sushi restaurant for lunch. Every time the GPS found one it was closed. Not just closed for lunch but out of business closed. For the first few days I didn’t even try looking for sushi. By Wednesday though, I decided to try again. An Internet search helped me find Jimbay’s. The few reviews I found were positive so I went and gave it a try.

Jimbay’s is a full service Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu. When I sat down, my waitress brought the whiteboard with the specials on it to my table and set it down opposite my chair. I am a sucker for mackerel so I had to try the mackerel with seaweed. The waitress was trying to describe it to me but she did not do a very good job.

The dish turned out to be an appetizer portion of cooked mackerel chunks rolled in some sort of dried seaweed. It was absolutely perfect, the seaweed was a nice compliment to the mackerel, a great way to start dinner. Since they were out of Giant Clam, I ordered a sashimi combo. The waitress suggested that I could make it a complete dinner for $3 more with rice, a tofu salad and miso soup. The miso was good and I even had some of the fried tofu salad (I am not a tofu fan).

When the sashimi arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It came nicely arranged on the plate with some seaweed and cucumber garnish in addition to the Japanese radish. Jimbay’s is one of those places that does not server pickled ginger with their sashimi — I would say that about 70% of the places I visit do.

The sashimi was a treat, great looking and even better to eat. I got a ten piece combination and there were two bonus pieces of Tamago included. Service was good and quality perfect. Jimbay’s will be a regular stop when I am flying in and out of Toronto.

Jimbay’s: 4  rice bowls * * * * -

Toronto, ON — Nami

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Published on: December 15, 2004
55 Adelaide Street E.
Toronto, On
(416) 362-7373

Nami is located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. It is easily reachable from nearly anyplace downtown. I have been to Nami on several occasions in all seasons. Every time the service and food was perfect.

Nami is a full service Japanese restaurant. In addition to sushi and table service, Nami has a robotaki bar where you pick the fresh fish and they grill it to order. Nami always seems to have a variety of interesting and exotic specials.

Whenever business takes me to Toronto, I look forward to Nami. In fact Nami is so good that it keeps me from trying other sushi places. I have been known to go to Nami three times during a week-long business trip. Toronto is a great sushi town. Nami is my favorite restaurant in Toronto and one of my favorite sushi restaurants anywhere.

Every time, Nami gets it just right.

Nami: 5 rice bowls * * * * *
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