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Atlanta, GA — Sushi House Hayakawa

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Published on: April 4, 2013
Sushi House Hayakawa
5979 Buford Highway NE A10
Atlanta, GA

I was in Atlanta looking for sushi. I did an internet search and found that Sushi House Hayakawa was close by. It got excellent reviews, best sushi in Atlanta and high ratings on a number of sites, Zagat, Urbanspoon, Yelp and others.

I knew I had to try the place. I decided to skimp on meals the day before so as not to blow my expense account. Sushi House Hayakawa is a medium sized restaurant located in a small mall complex. The mall is full of Asian businesses including other restaurants.

The menu was tempting, everything looked good. I decided to start with a shellfish sunomono. The combination of shellfish was excellent and the cucumber and vinegar sauce was absolutely perfect. Dinner was off to a great start.

I decided to order the least expensive of the sashimi combos, I was watching my expense account after all. I also ordered the fresh wasabi. For those of you who have never had it, fresh wasabi is nothing like the wasabi paste served in most sushi restaurants. Fresh wasabi is served in a liquid form with chunks of the wasabi root in it. The fresh wasabi was an extra $3 and the waitress suggested that I order it only if I really like wasabi. i actually don’t care much for wasabi, but I really enjoy fresh wasabi. it is a different taste, stronger flavor in some ways but with less heat.

When my sashimi combo arrived everything was perfect. It looked good and tasted even better. All of the fish was melt in your mouth perfect. There was one item on the plate that I couldn’t figure out. I thought it was some sort of clam but it didn’t taste quite right. I asked my waitress and she said it was ika (squid). I didn’t believe her, there was squid on the plate and this seemed different. I have had lots of squid sashimi. With her broken English, she described and pantomimed the shape of the squid head and I realized that I was eating the fins on the side of the conical head. The texture and taste bore little resemblance to the rest of the squid — it was excellent.

Sushi House Hayakawa was expensive (I think my check was about $65) but worth every penny!

Sushi House Hayakawa 5 rice bowls * * * * *

Suwanee, GA — Sushi Kita

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Published on: April 4, 2013

Sushi Kita
1145 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Suwanee, GA

I was in Georgia for the week and I asked a colleague where I should go for sushi. She suggested Suahi Kita. In the middle of the week, some time so I went to Sushi Kita for lunch. Apparently I picked a bad day to leave the office because all the Georgia natives were carrying umbrellas. By the I got to the restaurant it was pouring. Since I had to be back at work, I braved the rain and went in.

Sushi Kita is a small strip mall sushi restaurant. The decor is typical Japanese restaurant. When I got there I was soaked so I was looking forward to eating. I decided to order a sashimi combo from the menu. With Miso soup and a salad included for about $16 it was a good deal. The soup was unremarkable but the salad was crisp and fresh.

The sashimi was excellent. Fresh and tasty. I should have written this review the day I went because it has been a few weeks. I don’t remember precisely what was on the combo but I remember that it was excellent.

I will be back.

Sushi Kita 4 rice bowls * * * * -

Alpharetta, GA — Little Bayadori

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Published on: November 13, 2007
Little Badayori
390 Cumming St., Suite A
Alpharetta, GA

I have never had any luck with sushi buffets. Some of my worst sushi experiences have been at sushi buffets. In fact the only sushi buffet to which I would ever return is Midori in Dallas, Texas, So when someone suggested that I try Badayori, an Atlanta area sushi buffet — I was skeptical. But the recommendation was so strong and echoed by others that I decided to give it a try.

There are actually two Badayoris, one in the busy Perimeter Center area and the other, Little Badayori, a few miles up the road in Alpharetta. I was in Alpharetta so I decided to try Little Badayori. When I got to the restaurant it was not very crowded. The hostess/cashier/waitress greeted me warmly and I was seatred at a table. The buffet at Badayori is huge. One portion was desserts and fruits, another hot foods, another a hibachi station and the there was a separate sushi section. The sushi section had different kinds of sushi on square ceramic tiles sitting over ice or a cooler. I was impressed that they maintained a variety of sushi but only kept two pieces on display. As soon as someone took a piece, the sushi chef made a new one. This arrangement kept the sushi fresh.

As for the sushi, there were a variety of rolls and some nigiri. I tried some of the rolls and some of the nigiri. All of the sushi was good quality. The selection was average, nothing exotic but all pretty good.

The hot food and salads were also good. I enjoyed a salad with mushrooms, some sunomono and a dish called dynamite. Dynamite was crab meat and japanese mayonnaise in a small salad. There selection of non-sushi items was impressive. Everytthing was beautifully presented and the staff made sure that all items on the bar were refreshed regularly.

I know this is a sushi blog but there was one item on the bar that was the best I have ever had. The calamari was out of this world. On the bar they had a large calamari body cliced up and seasoned. I am not sure how it was cooked. It was not breaded and not noticably spicy. The calamari was tasty and melted in your mouth. Not the least bit gummy — absolutely perfect.

As I was making a last trip to the sushi section, I saw a round griddle of some sort. Any francophile would recognize it, it was a crepe machine. Badayori’s buffet includes made-to-order crepes! I had mine with chocolate, bannanas and whipped creme, absolutely perfect.

I never believed that this would happen, but based on the total experience, Badayori, a sushi buffet, gets my highest rating.

Little Badayori 5 rice bowls * * * * *

Atlanta, GA — Goldfish

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Published on: May 16, 2006
4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA

The Dunwoody/Perimeter Ceter area of Atlanta is an excellent place to look for a restaurant. In this area there is something for everyone. Strangely, there are not many sushi places.

Goldfish is a seafood restaurant that has a sushi bar. In the past I have been to goldfish to order cooked seafood. THis is one of the few places that cooks swordfish the way I like it — just barely cooked. This time I went to goldfish for the sushi.

I ordered a Philadelphia roll and the sashimi. The presentation was nice and the chef paid some attention to the roll. All around me I saw tables order sushi appetizers with regular entrees.

Goldfish is definitely a restaurant where one goes to both see and be seen. I do not generally give high ratings to trendy places but Goldfish is an exception. The fact that they have a very good sushi bar hidden inside an excellent seafood restaurant is simply a bonus.

Goldfish is an excellent place to take a friend or colleague who is a sushi novice.

Goldfish 4 rice bowls * * * - -

Roswell, GA — Misono Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

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Published on: October 26, 2005
Misono Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi
2500 Old Alabama Road
Roswell, GA

I had just gotten through playing volleyball at a nearby YMCA. It was late so I used the NeverLost GPS to find a sushi bar. The system found directed me to Misono about three miles away. Misono is a large restaurant with Teppanaki tables and Tatami rooms. There is a sushi bar in the back.

I happened to stop in on the night of Game Three of the White Sox/Astros World Series and the coldest night of the fall so the place was nearly empty. I ordered a small sashimi combo and a Philly roll. The sushi chef was a young Asian man who I learned had only been doing sushi for seven months. He apologized because they didn’t have too much of a selection that evening. He asked me what my favorites were, I suggested mackeral if it was fresh and not marinaded. Too bad, I love mackeral and there was none left.

The sushi was excellent, I got a mix with quite a bit of tuna, some octopus, some yellowtail and fresh shrimp. The chef also gave me the fried shrimp head which was excellent. Adorning the sashimi was a rose made of raw squid and some deep red fish eggs. Apologizing for the limited selection the chef offered me another roll on the house and I ordered a tuna and avocado roll.

The rolls were consistent in cross section but the pieces were cut in different sizes. The sashimi was an unusual presentation. It was served in one of those sushi boats with some sliced cucumber and rather than Japanese radish the fish was on placed on a bed of seaweed.

I usually sit at a table and read when I go for sushi alone but this time I sat at the sushi bar. I had forgotten how nice and civilized it is to sit with other diners at the sushi bar and talk. It is especially nice when you have a personable chef who knows his business and enjoys talking to customers.

I will have to come back to Misono, I really enjoyed the place and with better selection it could be raised to 4 four rice bowls.

Misono: 3  rice bowls * * * - -
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