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Annapolis, MD — Joss Cafe & Sushi

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Published on: September 20, 2012
Joss Cafe & Sushi
195 Main St
Annapolis, MD

I am in Columbia, Maryland this week and as usual, I got several sushi recommendations from colleagues. I decided to try Joss Cafe & Sushi in Annapolis. I haven’t been to Annapolis in a while so a walk in the old city sounded like a good way to spend an evening. It was a difficult choice because the excellent Sushi Sono is just a few miles from my hotel.

So, I waited until the traffic died down and made the drive to Annapolis. It was a beautiful evening and when I got downtown I even found a parking space near Joss Cafe. The restaurant has just undergone an expansion, and good thing because it was definitely crowded. Joss Cafe has a very large sushi bar and a number of bar style window seats that look out on to Main Street.

While I wasn’t offered any specials, the menu had perhaps the widest selection of nigiri and sashimi items that I have ever seen. I decided to start with a rockfish soup with cellophane noodles. The soup was very good with a couple of large chunks of rockfish. The fish was tasty and added flavor to the broth. I would have like to see more of the cellophane noodles but they are one of my favorites.

As an entree, I decided to order the sashimi combination. The combo is chef’s choice so I had no idea what I was getting beforehand. The fish was perfect, tuna, white tuna, salmon, snapper and one other that i have forgotten. Each piece was firm and tasty without being the east bit fishy. White tuna is one of my favorites and the pieces in my combo melted in my mouth. Nothing fancy this time, just great quality fish.

Joss Cafe has a large number of desserts and I took the waiter’s recommendation and ordered tempura sweet potatoes with ice cream and honey. The dessert not only looked good, it tasted even better. It’s a good thing that I chose to take a walk before driving back to my hotel. The only negative thing I would say is that the place was loud. Some curtains or wall coverings might help to dampen the noise.

Joss Cafe & Sushi has everything I look for in a sushi restaurant.

Joss Cafe & Sushi 5 rice bowls * * * * *

Columbia, MD — Sushi Sono

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Published on: June 27, 2012
Sushi Sono
10215 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, MD

This week I am enjoying a heatwave in Columbia, Maryland.Two of my colleagues reccomended Sushi Sono, they both said it was expensive but worth it. Sushi Sono is located near an upscale mall on Lake Kittamaqundi. The lake is real a small pond with paddle boats for rent a number of restaurants. Sushi Sono looks out onto the lake and the evening I was there a band was playing down by the water. The are was a nice location for an after dinner stroll.

Sushi Sono is a modern restaurant with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the lake. When I walked in I was pleased to see a pretty good list of specials on a whiteboard by the sushi bar. I was excited to see that my favorite sushi item was on the specials board — Aji. Aji is horse mackeral, one of three kinds of mackeral typically served in sushi restaurants.

Unlike the normal Saba, Aji is not served marinated in vinegar. It is served fresh. The preparation is called Aji Tataki. The restaurant serves the whole fish. The fish is first filleted and the fillets are served as both sashimi and sushi the bones and head are used to garnish the plate. After eating the sushi and sashimi, the sushi chef will take the bones and head and serve them broiled in a miso glaz or deep fried. I always choose fried The bones are fried until they are crispy like a potato chip. You then eat the bones, which still have alittle meat on them, along with some sea salt for dipping.The Aji was perfect and that alone would give this restaurant 5 ricebowls.

I also had a seaweed salad and a Philadelphia Roll. I think they were good, but I was so focused on the Aji that I can't really remember anything else.

Sushi Sono was perfect, I will be back.

Sushi Sono 5 rice bowls * * * * *

Annapolis, MD — Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar

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Published on: August 30, 2007
Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar
195 Main Street
Annapolis, MD

I was working at a client site new BWI airport in Baltimore, Maryland. I had read a variety of on-line reviews and many said that Joss in old Annapolis was the best sushi in the state. I also asked my colleagues and several of them agreed that Joss was the place to go in Maryland. So, on a rainy evening, I got in my rental car and drove to Annapolis.

I have been to Annapolis before, the old city is beautiful with cobbled streets and a variety of upscale shops and restaurants. Joss is a long narrow restaurant with a small sushi bar in the middle. The evening that I went the place was quite busy with people waiting outside on the sidewalk to get in. The seating in Joss is quite close and there is barely enough room move around.

As I sat at the sushi bar, I noticed that there were six sushi chefs crammed into a space that would normally hold only one or two. The whole time I sat there I saw order after order being prepped. Joss was busy and did a brisk take out business as well.

Joss had a variety of specials bit I decided to order my usual sashimi and gyoza. As for the fish, it was good but not special. I thought the mackerel was pretty good but everything else was average.

Joss was a decent restaurant but I don’t think it lived up to the hype.

Joss: 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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