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Published on: March 11, 2008
1212 Washington St
Wilmington, DE

I haven’t been to a sushi restaurant for over two months. So when my job took me to Wilmington Delaware, I asked my colleagues for the best sushi place in Wilmington. While Wilmington is not known for its sushi, my colleagues were unanimous in saying that Mikimotos is the best sushi place in town.

As it turned out, Mikimotos is only a block from my hotel. Wilmington is one of those city’s whose downtown shuts down after 5pm. Even so, the neighborhood around my hotel is home to several trendy restaurants. Mikimotos is located right next door to its sister restaurant, the Washington Street Ale House.

Mikimotos is a trendy restaurant with a slightly industrial look. It is one of those places with pounding background music, not so loud that you cannot think but enough to make conversation difficult and to be annoying. The restaurant has a combination of modern abstract art, a large animé painting and a painting of a comic book super hero with an ‘M’ on his chest.

Mikimotos has an extensive menu, sushi, sashimi and a variety of Bento boxes and sushi items. There is a large bar and a separate sushi bar. The crowd was young and upscale and while I was there, a group of five or six young women came in and started playing drinking games at a nearby table.

I decided to order the Sashimi Supreme and a Philadelphia Roll. The combo was advertised with Miso and a seaweed salad. The Miso was good, but when my combo came, I wondered where the salad was. The sashimi came with a bowl of sushi rice on the side. The fish was arranged in a circular dish on a bed of ice. The garnish was some kind of leaf and shredded carrots.

I generally don’t like my sashimi served directly on ice. It can make the fish overly cold and after a while it becomes waterlogged. This was no exception. The fish that was on the leaf was fine but the other pieces were a bit waterlogged. I did enjoy the white tuna and the surf clam was very good.

When I examined the garnish, I noticed that under the leaf and mixed in with the shredded carrots was a pile of seaweed. I am not sure whether this was the advertised salad. I suppose it was but the presentation was strange.

Mikimotos is the kind of place I visit if I am in the neighborhood but not worth a trip across town.

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