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Published on: June 11, 2008
427 Westport Road
Kansas City, MO

I was working across the border in Kansas and a colleague suggested that I try Matsu. Matsu is a rather large sushi restaurant in Kansas City’s Westport district. Westport is home to a large number of bars, clubs and restaurants. I went to Matsu at about 9:30 at night and there were still tons of people on the streets.

Matsu is decorated in dark woods with a distinctive Japanese theme. When I arrived, the restaurant was nearly empty. I asked the waitress for a seat with good lighting so I could read my book.I sat near the front and perused the menu.

I decided to order a deluxe sashimi combo. My waitress forgot the salad and Miso soup that was included with the combo. When my sashimi arrived I told her that I would still like them.

The Miso tasted good but it was darker than I am used to. The salad was unusual. Typically, in a sushi restaurant, the salad is served in a small bowl and consists of some lettuce soaked in dressing. The Matsu salad came in a large bowl and had cucumbers, shredded carrots, and a tomato slice along with a very good tangy dressing.

After enjoying the soup and salad I turned my attention to the sashimi. The sashimi at Matsu was beautifully presented. I think this is the first time that I have ever had a single sashimi order served in a boat. In addition to the boat, the fish was arranged very artistically. My order had mackerel, tuna, white tuna, red snapper, yellowtail, octopus and cooked shrimp.

I started with the mackerel, besides being one of my favorites, it was on the bow of the boat. The problem with mackerel is that it spoils easily and unless fresh must be cured. The curing process involves salt and then rice vinegar. In many restaurants, the curing process completely overpowers the fish flavor. At Matsu the curing process did not overpower the fish flavor. Another problem with mackeral is that the flesh deteriorates easily. The mackerel at Matsu remained tasty and firm. Definitely a plus in my book, score one for Matsu.

The mackerel would have been enough to get a good review from me but there was more. All of the fish was excellent. The salmon was tasty and I am a sucker for white tuna. The white tuna melted in my mouth.

Only a Maki menu with out descriptions or ingredients and slightly inattentive service kept Matsu from getting five rice bowls.

Matsu 4 rice bowls * * * * -
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