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Jonesboro, AR — Fuji Steak House & Sushi

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Published on: September 16, 2008
Fuji Steak House & Sushi
2810 E Highland Dr.
Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro Arkansas is not really a sushi hotspot. An internet search for sushi revealed two Japanese steak houses and a Chinese buffet. Fuji seemed to get the best reviews so I decided to give it a try.

Fuji is a large Teppanaki restaurant with a sushi bar. It sits in a strip mall opposite a Ryan’s. When I walked in the door something happened that I have never experienced before. The hostess asked me if I had a membership. She explained that they were a dry county. I told her that I do not drink and I did not plan to order alcohol. She said I still had to be a member.

Once I got past the preliminaries, I sat at the sushi bar. After perusing the menu, I ordered some gyoza, a sashimi combo and a Philly roll. Unfortunately, the Philly roll came out even before the soup and salad that came with the combo. When the soup came, it was not the normal Miso it was a clear soup with mushrooms. The soup was pretty good but the salad was another story.

The salad came in a large bowl but there was nothing in it except lettuce. The lettuce was nice and crisp but there was way too much dressing. The dressing almost looked like a soup sitting on top of the lettuce.

The gyoza was also a dissappointment. One side of each piece looked like it was burned. It had a burnt or carbon taste to it.

After all of these issues, I was bracing myself for the fish. I don’t particularly enjoy California rolls. Often I will not order a combo becauseit comes with a California roll, it is usually a deal breaker for me. This time, I chose a combo that come with a California roll. I was pleasancly surprised. Instead of a stick of imitation crab, the roll had crab salad with mayonaise. It also had only a little bit of tobiko or roe. I would have to say that it is the best California roll I have ever had.

The Philly roll wasn’t too bad but it was not very consistent. Some pieces had almost no cream cheese in them while others were almost all cheese.

Surprisingly the sashimi was very good. The combo came with three pieces each of tuna, seared tuna, white tuna, red snapper and salmon. The seared tuna was served with a tiny bit of spicy sauce and the white tuna was served with a verty tasty mayonaise.

The fish was very good but evrything else was only so-so.

Fuji 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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