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Collierville, TN — Fuji Cafe

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Published on: May 10, 2013
Fuji Cafe
875 W Poplar
Collierville, TN

Lunchtime and I was looking for sushi. In the Memphis suburb of Collierville, Fuji Cafe was right across the street from my customer. After enjoying Memphis Barbeque at Corky’s last night, I decided to try some not so traditional Memphis sushi. Hana is exactly the kind of sushi restaurant I enjoy.

Fuji Cafe is larger than it looks like from the outside. The decor is pretty typical of a Japanese restaurant. The seating was strange with several very large booths. It looked like they seated multiple parties there. The menus were pretty unique, not the contents but the presentation. The covers front and back were thick and heavy almost like floor tiles.

When I sat down my waitress brought me a hot towel and some Miso soup, a nice touch. I ordered some fried pork gyoza and the Chirashi. Chirashi is sashimi served on a bowl of sushi rice. Fuji’s chirashi was especially nice, it came with two slices of yellow daikon (one of my favorites) and a nice portion of seaweed.

The fish was very good. It included a crab stick an one cooked shrimp. There was also some tuna, yellowtail, salmon and white tuna. The white tuna was especially good, I even enjoyed the spicy garnish. To top it off there were two pieces of tamago sweet omelette.

Fuji was exactly what I needed.

Fuji Cafe 4 rice bowls * * * * -

Memphis, TN — Edo Japanese Restaurant

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Published on: September 17, 2008
Edo Japanese Restaurant
4792 Summer Ave
Memphis, TN

Memphis is a barbecue town. Just down the street from Central Barbeque is a Edo Japanese Restaurant. Edo is sandwiched between a Jewish deli and a meat market. Since the restaurant is set back from the road I drove by twice before I found it.

I didn’t choose Edo on the basis of recommendations or reviews, it happened to be the closest Japanese restaurant in my GPS. Edo is a medium size restaurant with booths and tables in dark woods. There are blue curtains and hangings and strangely no sushi bar.

With no sushi bar, a quick perusal of the menu made me wonder whether the place even served sushi. I ordered a soda and some gyoza as I looked over the menu. Finally, I found the sushi on the back page. I ordered a crab sunomono salad and Miso soup. I also chose a Philadelphia roll and a Rainbow roll.

The qyoza was tasty and the wrapper had a nice texture. The sunomono was likewise good. The fish in the rolls was tasty and firm.

Everything at Edo was good but nothing was exceptional.

Edo Japanese Restaurant 3 rice bowls * * * - -
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