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Horn Lake, MS — Sekisui South

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Published on: September 22, 2008
Sekisui South
1255 Goodman Rd
Horn Lake, MS

I had never been to Mississippi before so I had never had sushi there. Mississippi may be known for many things but sushi is not one of them. I asked around and a colleague recommended Sekisui.

Sukisui is part of a chain of Japanese restaurants and Sekisui South is located in Horn Lake Mississippi. I decided to give it a try. Sekisui is a large modern restaurant with both Teppanaki and sushi. Inside, Sekisui resembles a club more than a restaurant. It has concrete floors, a large bar and blue lightiing all over.

While Sekisui’s owner is Japanese, the sushi chefs were definitely not Japanese. I spent quite a bit of time looking over Sekisui’s menu. When my waitress arrived, I stalled by ordering gyoza and a diet coke.

I eventually decided on a sashimi combo. The menu said that the combo came with Miso soup and a salad. My waitress brought the gyoza and my sashimi arrived almost immediately. I was almost finished with my meal before she realized that she had forgotten the salad and soup. I said that I no longer wanted them, I would have felt better had she discounted my meal — oh, well.

The gyoza was tasty but strangely garnished with lettuce and lemon. I guess the presentation was americanized.

The sashimi was good quality, all of the fish was fresh and tasty. The sashimi consisted of three pieces each of, tuna, salmon, white tuna, octopus and snapper. The sashimi was garnished with daikon and an artistically carved lemon wedge.

The problem with the sashimi was the portion size. The portions were not too samll, rather they were much too large. The 15 pieces of sashimi must have weighed collectively more than a pound. The pieces were large and thickly sliced almost like little steaks. The pieces were so large that it was hard to put a whole one in my mouth. .

Sashimi should be subtle, nothing about Sekisui was subtle

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