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Vancouver, WA — Marinepolis Sushi Land

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Published on: December 9, 2008
Marinepolis Sushi Land
1401 SE 164th Ave
Vancouver, WA

I have not been to Oregon or Washington since I was a child. So, when I had the opportunity to visit the Portland area, I looked forward to some awesome sushi. I decided to have a light sushi appetizer on the Washington side of the river and then finish dinner in Portland.

I had some time to kill before I had to catch a plane. I used my GPS to find a Borders so I could have some coffee and use their WIFI. On the way to Borders, I had seen a sign that said 'Sushi.'

I drove down the street to Marinepolis Sushi Land. After parking and walking in, I discovered that it is one of those conveyor belt places. That is, you sit at a counter or table and different kinds of sushi on plates rotate around the room. They are on colored plates and the prices differ based on plate color.

Of course the first problem with this scenario is that the sushi has been traveling around and around at room temperature. Since it would have been rude to act appalled and walk right out, I decided to sit down and have a few items.

The seaweed roll was actually pretty good. I love giant clam but it was a bit on the slimy side so I only ate one bite. The tuna roll was no better. I did try two of the authentic Japanese eclairs. They were actually quite good.

SushiPilgrim has been to all kinds of sushi places all over the US and Canada — Marinepolis Sushi is among the worst.

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