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Published on: September 23, 2009
Yama Mori
71-72 S Great Georges St
Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 (1) 475 5001

I am in Ireland on business this week. I am staying in downtown Dublin on St Stephens Green. I have had a variety of good food here but today I was felling like having sushi. One of my colleagues upon hearing where I was staying suggested Yama Mori.

I looked up Yama Mori on the web and discovered that Yama Mori is part of a two restaurant chain. I also noticed that they are open until 23.00 (11pm) definitely a bonus as I am recovering from jet lag.

This week the weather in Dublin has been absolutely perfect. Sun and clouds with temperatures in the 50s and 60s Fahrenheit. So tonight I took the opportunity to enjoy a lovely walk to Yama Mori.

Yama Mori is a large Japanese restaurant with an extensive full menu. The restaurant is clean and large with modern paintings on the wall. I went in to eat about 9pm and the place was crowded. The atmosphere is club-like but I found that it was not too dark to read. When I arrived I was offered green tea and I sat down to look at the menu. There were many tempting items from the kitchen but I decided to order the 8 piece sashimi platter. I selected an order of gyoza and relaxed with my book.

When the gyoza arrived, it was perfect. The noodles were al-dente and the dipping sauce was tangy and tasty but not overdone. The sashimi platter was equally good. It had tuna, salmon, raw shrimp and three pieces of fresh mackerel. Mackerel is one of my favorite sushi fish and I rarely find it fresh. Usually, it is heavily marinated in vinegar. The mackerel was absolutely perfect, each piece had a beautiful silvery sliver of skin on it.

Yama Mori gets five rice bowls, not for decor, or specials, or presentation but for pure quality.

Yama Mori 5 rice bowls ***--
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