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Greenville, SC — Mimi’s Steakhouse of Japan

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Published on: October 25, 2009
Mimi's Steakhouse of Japan
1791 Woodruff Rd
Greenville, SC

I normally don't eat sushi at Teppanaki places. Their focus is the grill and the show not the sushi. I drove up to Greenville to visit an old fiend (actually a young friend) and she suggested that we go to Mimi's. I arrived at Mimi's first and asked whether they had table service. Fortunately they did. Since my friend and I wanted to catch up, I thought a table would be better than group seating at the grill.

After looking over the menus, I ordered a sashimi appetizer and the prime rib from the grill. When my sashimi arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The sashimi was excellent, tasty and firm. On the other hand our waiter failed to bring a dish for soy sauce.

When our meals arrived the hot food was excellent. The steak was absolutely perfect — done rare and tender. The service overall was below par. In addition to the soy sauce dish, our waitress was slow in giving us refills. My friend and I both use chopsticks but to eat my fried rice off of a plate I asked for a spoon (bad habit I picked up on Guam). The waitress looked at me funny and brought me a plastic spoon. Do they really not have metal spoons?

Mimi's Steakhouse of Japan very good sashimi — below average service.

Mimi's Steakhouse of Japan 3 rice bowls ***--

Greenville, SC — Sushi Hana

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Published on: October 25, 2009
Sushi Hana
765 E Haywood Rd
Greenville, SC

Sushi Hana has a cool website. I was in Atlanta and looking for an opportunity to add a South Carolina sushi restaurant to my reviews and I googled sushi restaurants in Greenville, SC. South Carolina makes 40 states in which I have reviewed sushi restaurants. I have a business trip to Hawaii in about a week so Hawaii will be 41! I have been to every state except Louisiana and Alaska. I have only been reviewing sushi restaurants for a few years so I still need to do reviews in Louisiana, Alaska, Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma and Hawaii.

Based on their web site, I was excited about visiting Sushi Hana. They have a complete menu and a good selection of sushi and cooked items. I decided to start with the gyoza and sea cucumber sunomono. Now I almost always order gyoza but sea cucumber is rare. I have eaten sea cucumber in Chinese restaurants but never in a Japanese place. Unfortunately, the waitress, said that they had sold the last of the sea cucumber just before I ordered. I decided instead to order the Japanese pickles. I wasn’t quite sure what I would get but it looked intriguing. Besides I know at least one kind of Japanese pickle – when I lived on Guam I loved pickled daikon. We called it daigu. It is a yellow vegetable slice into thin slices and pickled – very tasty.

The gyoza was perfect, the pickles were good, so I had high hopes for the sushi. I orderd mirugai (giant clam) and and two rolls, a Broiled Yellowtail roll(with cream cheese, scallions and avocado) and a Salmon Lemon roll (cucumber and avocado). When the waiter brought my order he thought the giant clam was white fish! The giant clam was very good, it is one of my favorites. The rolls were a disappointment. The fish was on the slimy side and they were cut unevenly.

Sushi Hana, great web site, below average sushi.

Sushi Hana 2 rice bowls **---
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