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Moshé Feldenkrais

Awareness Through Movement: Easy-to-Do Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness

Title: Awareness Through Movement: Easy-to-Do Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness

Author: Moshé Feldenkrais

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 192

Publisher: , 0

ISBN: 0062503227

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 6.3 MB

Download: allowed


Thousands have found renewed health and increased sensory awareness through the Feldenkrais method as explained in Awareness Through Movement. Here is a way for people of every age to integrate physical and mental development into a new, invigorating wholeness. Feldenkrais provides a modern-day, practical program for the perennial ideal of a healthy mind in a healthy body. His down-to-earth method carefully avoids any mystical component and never obliges any pupil to master abstruse theories. Exercises for posture, eyes, imagination, and more will simultaneously build better body habits and focus new dimensions of awareness, self-image, and human potential.

Insightful reviews

Bud: This was the initial book that started the Feldenkreis movement - and has provided helpful techniques for my back.

Heather: A wonderful find. It is possible to work through the exercises by yourself and get amazing results. Hoping to find a class or instructor nearby.

Wendy: Zeer interessant boek, maar het lijkt me toch niet zo eenvoudig die oefeningen alleen te doen.

Pegggggy: from the 70's yet to date has loads of solid to say. instructed and despatched to me through a truly conscious friend. great to discover a "self help" ebook that won't written at a 4th grade analyzing level.

Olivier Goetgeluck: In households the place little ones are judged basically by way of their achievements, all spontaneity will disappear at an early age.Individuals are likely to establish their self-images with their price to society. [...] Ub this manner society involves be made up of folks more and more alike of their ways, behaviors, and aims. [...] there are few people who view themselves regardless of the worth attributed to them by way of society. [...] so the person attempts to gentle out his organic peculiarities by way of alienating himself from his inherent needs. He traces to slot himself into the around gap that he now actively wants to fill.Two states of existence: waking & sleeping. 3rd state: awareness.Emile Coué used the moments whilst anyone is simply falling asleep for autosuggestions and sleep itself for suggestion.The waking kingdom appears to be like an outstanding during which to benefit procedures that contain repetition and explanation, yet now not suggestion.The collection of circulate because the major technique of bettering the self is predicated at the following reasoning:1. The fearful process is occupied typically with movement2. it truly is more straightforward to differentiate the standard of movement3. now we have a richer event of movement4. the power to maneuver is critical to self-value5. All muscular job is movement6. routine mirror the country of the worried system7. circulate is the foundation of awareness8. respiring is movement9. Hinges of habitOur self-image involves 4 parts which are focused on each action: movement, sensation, feeling and thought.Differentiate sincerely between:improvement of skill <=> sheer attempt for its personal sakeWe overindulge in behavior until eventually self-criticism is silenced and our skill to figure is diminished, which steadily turns us into machines that act with out thinking.Identify pointless effort.The excellent course of motion for the skeleton because it strikes from one place to a different is the trail during which it can circulate if it had no muscle mass at all, if the bones have been associated simply via ligaments.You aren't used to relocating your shoulders with no relocating your head on the comparable time. (Uncoupling)The precise capability of any anxious process should be predicted in basic terms by means of its person features - that is, man's personal personality.We are not able to exploit bodies in any yet accustomed styles of muscular action.When you leisure after a stream conducted with no a lot effort, it's not so as to regain strength, yet to check the alterations that experience taken position in the course of the action. Our apprehensive approach is so built that conduct are preserved and search to perpetuate themselves. it truly is more uncomplicated to prevent a behavior by way of surprising irritating surprise than to alter it gradually.Attentive systematic scanning of part of the physique can chill out superfluous muscular pressure there.If you are trying to arrive the boundaries of your talents each moment, you find yourself with little greater than aching muscle mass and straining joints. in case you pressure for results, you're making it most unlikely to accomplish even part of the development that may be bought during the BREAKDOWN of routine styles of circulation and BEHAVIOR. (~Vippassana meditation, wisdom)From time to time you want to shake your self from your regimen and wonder no matter if you're relatively DOING that you simply imagine you're doing.Effort that doesn't become movement, yet factors shortening and stiffening, leads not just to a lack of energy, yet to a scenario within which the lack of strength reasons harm to the physique structure.A self-image whole and uniform with recognize to all elements of the physique - all sensations, emotions and suggestions - is a perfect which has been tricky to accomplish prior to now in man's nation of ignorance. (Nirvana ~ entire spontaneity with no extra luggage from previous experiences.)The development of expertise is leading to any try and triumph over instinctive drives. For the extra approximately whole a man's know-how becomes, the extra he'll have the ability to fulfill his passions with out infringement of the supremacy of awareness. and each motion can have turn into extra human.

Blake: as soon as upon a time I acquired midway via this book... then issues obtained convoluted and elliptical.

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